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Partnership Products - Our Range

We supply a full range of coffee to suit most types of coffee machines, together with quality tea, chocolate for drinking, dedicated point of sale material and consumables.

Our Range

Filter Coffee Filter Coffee
A comprehensive range of filter coffees, in portion controlled packs for consistency and freshness, creating the best possible 'marriage' between the coffee and the machine ensuring you serve our coffee at its best.
Cafetiere Coffee Cafetiere Coffee
A range of cafetiere coffee to suit your operation, whether it is grinding from beans from a portion control grinder or if you prefer portion controlled sachets, we have a solution.
Speciality Coffee Speciality Coffee
A variety of espresso coffee beans to create a full range of Speciality coffees, which are supported by full Barista training and menu development.
Freeze Dried Coffee Freeze Dried Coffee

Our Super Premium Freeze Dried Organic Fairtrade coffee has been profiled against our roast and ground coffee, giving a smooth and full bodied taste.

We have quality decaffeinated coffee options for each system.

Complimentary range

We stock a wide range of tea, chocolate for drinking, branded cups and sugar sticks, in-room sachets, biscuits, biscottis and a comprehensive range of speciality products including Belu mineral water and Fairtrade juices.

We have also developed a system to brew high quality loose leaf tea in volume, whilst maintaining all the flavour and aroma expected from high grown tea.

Cups Cups

Cups are considered to be one of the best Point of Sale materials to promote awareness and promote high standards from an outlet. We have developed our range of cups to not only be attractive, but also to perform correctly providing a safe, strong and tactile cup.

Menu Board Menu Board
Custom made to size and application and menu developed with pricing. These are hand produced and can be made to fit into your required space. These can be used in conjunction with our table menus.
Table Menus Table Menus

Produced to promote interest and to be informative 

Server & Airport Wraps Server & Airpot Wraps

Keeping your ThermoFresh Servers and Airpots looking clean and fresh, this range of easy maintenance wraps further enhances the brand association and awareness.

Point of Sale Poster Point of Sale A4 Poster
This can be strategically placed to create intrigue.
Complementary RangeComplementary Range Branded Sugar Sticks
Reinforcing the message & creating a complete message.
  • Cane Sugar Sticks - The healthier alternative to brown sugar
  • White Sugar Sticks - Branded for a complete message
Website Website
Helping to guide people through the story and then onto the journey, attracting the consumer to the outlets where Land Rover Coffee is served.
We are constantly reviewing our Point of Sale material and developing the range as we customise items for our clients. So in summary from the website to the till we are looking to forge a long term relationship with the consumer through our Partnership programme.

To make the best of these products we also sell a range of approved Partnership equipment >>